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A discerning creator & curator 

​With a specialization in creative writing & producing, I'm accustomed to wearing many hats, navigating unfamiliar waters, & acquiring diverse experience.

Curating & creating has made me a director,  entrepreneur, project manager, journalist, instructor, marketing designer,  & a ready traveler.


Directing & collaborating with an international network of talent, I've launched podcasts & audio drama, films, periodicals, start-ups, & non-profit initiatives.

As a cinephile, I am versed in film history & theory. I've taught courses, lectured, moderated online forums, sat jury at festivals, & curated weekly public screenings. I'm a published film critic &  co-host of the podcast, Kicking & Streaming.


Samples of my work

Journalism, Review, Fiction

Cohost & Producer

Performance, Narration, & Podcasting

Producer & Curator

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